For the past 26 years I have embraced traditional art photography. Learning the basics, the chemistry and the magic of the camera frame by frame. The amount of artistic material I have accumulated over the course of a lifetime devoted to art will be digitalised and through #NFT contracts will all be made available an various #NFT platforms, such as and Please follow me on this journey and check out my weekly updates about my #NFT publications. Thank you for your support. With love,

 Adi Harari

Photography Art Work! #nft #nftart #nftartist Banana print on Lather Bag. Can't get enough of this #bold #Classic red #Banana, #Photography #Pop art, stunning #leather #clutch .


Banana Madness!

These series of images end gifs, are from whole series

of Pop art colorful & METALLIC BANANA. Aoll in Square format,

This series was Photographed on DSLR camera.

 The digital file has been digitally processed.

 Everything else will fix itself

In This image I photographed my daughter Anne.

When she was 10 year old.

 Through my  journey of motherhood. 

My childhoods float, it gives me the opportunity to learn to change the past, here in the present.  

To create out of love, and connection, for my beloved daughter.

Closing a circle with the little girl inside of me. My best teacher is my daughter.


The project was photographed in October 2018 with a Hasselblad 500 camera on 120mm negative film. The project features video art, Seven and a half minutes long.
 I am engaging in culture and identity, skin color, and the ethnic/genetic/eclectic human mix.  My approach is non-judgmental, wishing only to raise questions, emotions and food for thought, questioning the perception of profiles created through history, the impact of scholars, politicians, thinkers and historical speeches.I strive to empower my photographic subjects by providing powerful reinforcement for the beauty of humans and of animals. In this project, I specifically refer to horses.People are defined by the color of their skin and their facial features. The epidermis ranges from 20 to 35 micrometers per millimeter. This thin layer of skin creates separation and, in most cases, determines the fate of that .human being We tend to think of nature as a separate entity to mankind. Nature becomes this huge force that is both affects us. But looking at Nature's eyes like this just shows us- we are all connected under the veil of the familiar sky. Art is. not merely observing, its .connecting-to one another, to a greater power.


These three porters, are from whole series,

 of photographs I have taken of myself for several years.
I took these pictures in 1999, with the Bambi puppy,

 in my student apartment, developing the negative manual, in an improvised dark room in my bedroom.
Photographed with a 35mm camera and a home negative scan. 

The digital file has been digitally manipulated.
The combination of traditional photography, with contemporary digital technology.